Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) is a form of Income tax that we pay to the Government. It is a method in which the deductor i.e. the person responsible for matking the payment to the deductee, the nature of the payment which are subject to the Tax Deducted at Source, deduct the TDS, deposit it with the Government, file the Return with the Government and issue them the Certificate so that the Deductee can take the credit. The Deductee after getting the credit of the TDS deducted can claim the credit while filing their Income tax return.

TDS Return Filings

Form No. Particulars
24Q Tax deduction from salary under section 192
27Q Tax deduction where deductees are non-resident (not being  a company), foreign company and persons who are resident but not ordinarily resident
26QB Tax deduction under section 194IA
26QC Tax deduction under section 194IB
26Q Tax deduction in any other case
27EQ Tax collection

Documents for Filing TDS Returns

  1. TAN of the Deductor
  2. Acknowledgement of the TDS challan paid
  3. Detail of the TDS deducted along with the PAN of the Deductees and the nature of the payment.